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A More Civilized World.


Recent innovations such as digital video cameras, smartphones and online video sharing have created an enormous power that we have yet to fully realize....

We now have better ways to address problems rather than simply throwing people in jail or penalizing them. Everything we do in public can now be broadcast for the world to see. As the risk of being held accountable for our actions increases, the greater the chances are that people won't commit these acts.

Yet a video doesn't always explain everything. When seen on video or in the news people should have a place to fully explain their perspectives - in Panacea Live. Panacea Live encourages civility, allowing people to speak to one another from different locations, for the world to see. Our platform offers a constructive and non-violent way to encourage ethics and solve problems.

Use the technological power at your fingertips to help create a more civilized world!

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Become part of the world's only platform that allows people caught on video or covered in the news, a platform to come and directly address their critics in the public.  Our community of members have many ways to constructively contribute to the story.

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Spread your Video

Spread Your Video

Have an important video that you don't want to just leave sitting on youtube collecting dust where not many people will find it? Post your important video here where 10,000 people will view it quickly.

Be local

Be local

Find videos close to where you live and join with other people who live by you in order to gather more details about videos and bringing people to the courtroom


Civilized Comments & Contributions

Compared to other websites, we encourage civilized interaction on Panacea

You can vote on each video on whether or not enough clear evidence is provided and help determine the validity. You can also vote on the comments below each video - 'Civilized' or 'Threatening'?


Fund a Cause

In some of these videos the victims can often use financial help.

You can help determine the authenticity of a video and if a person is in genuine need of financial help, you can help them by donating.

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Here's how you can

Get Started

If you want the world to see a video you have created, Panacea offers the best platform for you to get the word out. Panacea is viewed by more and more new people every day and eventually, the entire world will know about Panacea.

Eventually Panacea will host our own videos. Until then, just cut and paste the url from Youtube!

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