Introducing #FundTheFollowup
A new way to use social media to go beyond what's seen in the news, collaborate with each other and continue the conversation.
So, why did we create #FundTheFollowup?
When a video or story enters the public domain, the people featured in the videos or news stories should have a chance to directly address the public afterwards, and members of the public want the opportunity to hear from them directly. Panacea can help facilitate these dialogues.

#FundTheFollowup offers an added incentive for the public to help us find guests to join Panacea Dialogues, after the news happens.

Pierre had his skull cracked open in Brooklyn. He forgives the man and wants to talk face to face. Help us find him!
$500 raised / $1000
0 Days to go

Help us find the man on the right. The assault took place on Flatbush Avenue and Clarkson Ave near Prospect Park. Pierre would just like to speak with

Here's how it works

Who can launch a #FundTheFollowup campaign?
Any approved member of the Panacea community can create a campaign and post it to the feed. This same hashtag can be shared across other social media platforms.
Does money have a negative impact on the process?
Most news organizations use money to help develop and create stories. They pay for databases, travel, studios, sources, accommodations, etc. We are raising money from the public which is then redirected back to the public to help us find guests. The money that is crowdsourced from the public is then given to the person(s) who help us find the specific guest(s). The guests are not paid by Panacea to participate -- the guests are found and introduced to us. We understand that financial incentives to guests might pervert their motives to participate, therefore Panacea does not direct payments to guests.
What is a #FundTheFollowup about?
It should be based off of a viral video or news story, in which the public would benefit from directly hearing from the person(s) in the video or news story.
Why should I launch a #FundTheFollowup campaign?
The goal of #FundTheFollowup is to pool together money and work cooperatively to find the person from the story and invite them to come speak in front of the public in Panacea Dialogues. It is also intended to help form grassroots campaigns where people can collaborate across social media to help find these people.
Do they expire?
They all have a 7 day window for accepting donations. After that window closes, the campaign shall remain active until the person is found. Refunds may be granted if the campaign is ultimately unsuccessful. Please email us directly if you have any questions related to refunds:
Who approves each campaign?
They must all be approved by Panacea administrators before they go live to the public.