Let's radically transform our media / news system to radically transform our world, for positive change.
The world has been calling for a better media system.  Let's leverage the awesome power of our media to promote empathy, healing, understanding through dialog, forgiveness, humility and the pursuit of truth.  The negative and destructive narratives in our media have dominated for too long.
We're also promoting transparency and accountability by harnessing the power of digital cameras around the world. Capturing these stories is important, but we should not crucify the actors. We need to reject prejudgement and show the need to understand perspectives.  We welcome them to attend Panacea Dialogues.
Why Join the Community?
Our platform offers you the tools to use together, to lead this movement. Join our community as a place to become involved in news stories and turn them into positive stories, rather than just being a disgruntled spectator at other news outlets.

Our platform offers a place to provide help to others who need it, and develop a sense of measurable accomplishment. Within our community, you can collaborate with people from all across the world who share similar goals and similar values.
We also offer a real sense of community where you can truly connect with others. Other social platforms are flooded with negativity. They are impersonal and dehumanizing. We are re-instilling the importance of "Humanizing Our Interactions" both within the community and through the stories, themselves.

Become a Civilized Journalist  by sharing new stories on the platform and helping to bring participants to attend Panacea Dialogues and address the world directly. Use your Social Wallet and our built in Social Currency to reward other community members and help people across the world, who need it. Help moderate and contribute to Panacea Dialogues episodes. Play a proactive and constructive role in helping to change our news system and to realize A More Civilized World.
" A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. " -- Gandhi
Join a community of nice, caring and like-minded people who also want to have a positive impact. Through cooperating with others we can be 100 times more powerful than when working alone. We harness the strengths and ideas of others combined with our own to empower us all!
Join now and help lead the movement.
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